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3 Best Plastic Cat Water Fountains: Discover the Elite

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Introduction: Finding the Best Plastic Cat Water Fountains

If you’re on a mission to find the best plastic cat water fountain for your beloved feline, you’ve just hit the jackpot. Keeping our cats hydrated is crucial for their health, and while not all water bowls are created equal, exploring the wider world of cat water fountains reveals a variety of options. Among these, plastic cat water fountains stand out as a good option for a lot, offering a hydrating haven for our picky pets.

So, why plastic?

These fountains are a trifecta of convenience – affordable, lightweight, and durable.

Choosing the Ideal Plastic Cat Water Fountain

When it comes to picking the right plastic cat water fountain, it’s not just about what catches your eye (or your cat’s whiskers). Here’s what you should consider:

  1. Durability: First things first, the fountain needs to be tough enough to withstand the curious paws and occasional knocks. Look for high-quality, BPA-free plastic. It’s not just durable but also safe, ensuring that your cat isn’t exposed to any nasty chemicals.
  2. Design: Cats are known for their impeccable taste, and this extends to their water fountains. The design should be inviting for your kitty – think easy access and a comfortable drinking height. But let’s not forget about you! The fountain should be a chic addition to your home, not a sore thumb.
  3. Filtration System: Clean water is key. The fountain should have a good filtration system to keep the water fresh and free from impurities. Typically, you’ll find carbon and foam filters doing the heavy lifting, making sure every sip your cat takes is as fresh as a daisy.
  4. Ease of Cleaning: Who has time for complicated cleaning routines? Look for a fountain that’s dishwasher safe or easy to disassemble. Your future self will thank you when it’s time for a clean-up.

Top 3 Plastic Cat Water Fountains

1. Veken 95oz/2.8L Pet Fountain -🥇 Winner (1st Place)

Best plastic cat water fountain: Veken 95oz/2.8L

Durability: This fountain isn’t just a pretty face; it’s tough too! Made with high-quality, BPA-free plastic, it’s built to last. Whether your furball is a gentle sipper or a curious paw-dipper, this fountain can handle it all with grace and longevity.

Design: Speaking of good looks, the Veken Fountain comes in an array of chic colors like blue, grey, and vivid blue, ensuring it doesn’t just hydrate your pets but also complements your décor. Plus, its flower waterfall and gentle fountain modes aren’t just fun for your feline friends but also cater to their sophisticated drinking preferences.

Filtration System: Clean water is a must, and this fountain doesn’t disappoint. Thanks to its 5-stage filtration system, including a coconut shell activated carbon layer, it keeps the H2O as fresh as a daisy. No stale water here – just a fresh flow that’ll keep your pets coming back for more.

Ease of Cleaning: Its design allows for quick disassembly, meaning you can keep it sparkling clean without a fuss. Regular cleaning keeps the yuck factor at bay and ensures a hygienic drink every time.

Additional Features: Quiet as a mouse, the pump on this fountain won’t disrupt your zen. And for those midnight thirst quenches, the LED light is a nifty addition, helping your pets (and you) find their way without any stumbles.

Pros and Cons of the Veken 95oz/2.8L Pet Fountain

✅ Large 95 oz capacity suitable for multiple pets❌ Some reports of durability
issues with the pump
✅ Attractive design with
multiple color options
❌ Filters require frequent
✅ Two water flow designs for
pet preference
❌ Regular, thorough cleaning needed to prevent mold
✅ Advanced 5-stage filtration
❌ LED light may not be useful
✅ Ultra-quiet pump for a
peaceful environment
❌ Maintenance can be more
intensive than expected

2. GIOTOHUN 67oz/2L Cat Fountain -🥈 Runner-up (2nd Place)

Giotohun cat water fountain image featured as one of the best plastic cat water fountains

Durability: The GIOTOHUN Cat Fountain is crafted from quality materials that promise to withstand the daily escapades of your furry companions.

Design: When it comes to style, this fountain doesn’t hold back. Available in a range of colors including a modern black, it’s a classy addition to your home decor. Its design is not only pleasing to the human eye but also enticing for cats, featuring a flower waterfall and gentle fountain modes that are sure to attract your feline friend.

Filtration System: The GIOTOHUN Fountain steps up the game with a triple filtration system, ensuring the water is free from impurities and odors. While this advanced filtration keeps the water fresh and tasty, it does require routine replacement every 2-4 weeks to maintain its efficiency.

Ease of Cleaning: The fountain’s design allows for easy disassembly, making the cleaning process less of a chore. Its parts are removable and user-friendly, ensuring you can keep the fountain hygienic and appealing for your pets without too much hassle.

Additional Features: The built-in LED light and translucent water tank are standout features, making it easy to monitor the water level and refill as necessary. Furthermore, the ultra-quiet, energy-saving pump is a bonus, ensuring your home remains peaceful.

Pros and Cons of the GIOTOHUN 67oz/2L Cat Fountain

✅ Durable and stylish design❌ Some reports of pump
✅ Triple filtration system for
clean water
❌ Regular filter changes
✅ Easy to disassemble and
❌ Potential for maintenance
✅ LED light for ease of use❌ Requires careful handling to avoid breakage
✅ Ultra-quiet and
energy-efficient pump

3. Catit Flower Fountain with Triple Action Filter -🥉 Third Place

Catit flower fountain image as one of the featured fountains in the best plastic cat water fountains

Durability: The Catit Flower Fountain offers a robust design at an affordable price, making it an attractive option for pet owners. Constructed from polypropylene, it’s designed to withstand the daily activities of your pets.

Design: The fountain’s unique flower design is not just visually appealing but also functional. It comes in various colors, including a vibrant green, ensuring it blends well with your home decor. The design is ergonomic, providing a whisker-stress-free drinking surface for your cat, making it a comfortable and inviting hydration station.

Filtration System: The Catit Flower Fountain features a triple action filter that purifies your cat’s drinking water in three ways: cotton mesh filters out debris, active carbon removes odors and impurities, and ion exchange resin softens tap water. This comprehensive filtration system ensures that your cat has access to clean, fresh water.

Ease of Cleaning: Ease of cleaning is a standout feature of this fountain. Its design allows for straightforward disassembly and cleaning, making maintenance hassle-free. Its BPA-free materials ensure safety for your pets and ease of cleaning for you.

Additional Features: With a capacity of 3 liters, it’s ideal for homes with multiple pets, reducing the need to frequently refill. It includes a small, energy-efficient pump that is effective yet unobtrusive, making it a quiet addition to your home.

Pros and Cons of Catit Flower Fountain

✅ Affordable and durable
❌ Some reports of pump
✅ Attractive and ergonomic
flower design
❌ Potential for overflow and
leakage as time pass
✅ Triple action filtration
❌ Requires regular
maintenance and filter changes
✅ Easy to clean and
BPA-free materials
❌ Issues with noise in some
✅ Large 3L capacity suitable
for multiple pets

Comparison of Best Plastic Cat Water Fountains

ModelVeken Pet
Catit Flower Fountain
Capacity95 oz (2.8 L)67 oz (2 L)100 oz (3 L)
Size8.3″L x 8.3″W x 6.6″H7.28″L x 7.28″W x 4.53″H8.3″L x 7.7″W x 9″H
Filter Type5-Stage
Triple Action Filter
LED Light
LED Light,
Two Flow
3 Water Flow Settings
High-Quality PlasticPolypropylene (PP)

Best Fit for Different Cats/Homes

Veken 95oz/2.8L Pet Fountain: Ideal for multi-pet households due to its large capacity. Perfect for cats attracted to LED lights and different water flow options. Suitable for those who prioritize a modern aesthetic with color options.

GIOTOHUN 67oz/2L Cat Fountain: Great for tech-savvy cat owners who appreciate the built-in LED light feature. Its moderate size makes it suitable for small to medium-sized homes. A good choice for cats that enjoy varying water flows.

Catit Flower Fountain: Best for homes with limited space and multiple cats, thanks to its compact yet high-capacity design. The flower design is particularly appealing to cats that prefer a varied water flow. An excellent choice for those looking for an ergonomic design that reduces whisker stress.

Maintenance and Cleaning Tips for Plastic Cat Water Fountains

Keeping your cat’s water fountain in tip-top shape isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a crucial aspect of ensuring your furry friend stays healthy and hydrated.

Plastic cat water fountains, while convenient and stylish, do require regular maintenance and cleaning. Here’s how to keep these hydration stations pristine and purr-fect for your feline friend.

Cleaning Tips: Making It a Breeze

  1. Disassemble with Care: Before you start, make sure to unplug the fountain. Most plastic fountains come apart easily for cleaning. Gently disassemble the parts, including the pump and filter.
  2. Rinse and Repeat: Use warm water to rinse each part. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive sponges – these can damage the plastic and leave harmful residues. For a safe, natural clean, use mild dish soap or a vinegar-water solution.
  3. Filter Focus: The filter is the heart of the fountain. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for when to replace it. Generally, filters need changing every 2-4 weeks. If it’s a reusable filter, rinse it under cold water to remove debris.
  4. Pump Pampering: The pump often gets overlooked, but it’s crucial for keeping the water flowing. Clean it by removing any hair or debris clogging it. Soaking it in a vinegar-water solution can help remove calcium build-up.
  5. Weekly Wipe-downs: Even with a filter, slime and grime can build up. A weekly wipe-down of the fountain’s interior with a soft sponge or cloth can keep it sparkling.
  6. Location Matters: Keep the fountain in a place where it’s less likely to get dirty quickly – away from litter boxes and food areas.
  7. DIY Deep Clean: For a thorough monthly clean, disassemble the fountain and soak the parts in a diluted bleach solution (1 part bleach to 50 parts water) for an hour. Rinse thoroughly afterward to ensure no bleach residue remains.

Conclusion: Picking the Best Plastic Cat Water Fountain

We’ve navigated the world of plastic cat water fountains, showcasing the cream of the crop. These top-tier fountains not only keep your feline friends healthily hydrated but also add a dash of style to your home.

From the serene flow of the Veken 95oz/2.8L Pet Fountain, which stands out as the overall winner in the plastic cat water fountain category, to the sleek style of the GIOTOHUN 67oz/2L Cat Fountain, and the whimsical appeal of the Catit Flower Fountain, there’s a fountain out there that’s just the cat’s meow for your furry friend.

For those curious to explore further, don’t hesitate to leap over to our comprehensive guide on the Best Cat Water Fountains. Here, we’ve curated the best options from each category, whether it’s plastic, ceramic, or other materials. 🐾💧🌼

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are plastic water fountains good for cats?

Plastic water fountains are a budget-friendly option for keeping your cat hydrated, though they require a bit more vigilance in cleaning. This material can harbor bacteria more easily than others, but with regular maintenance, they can still be a purr-fectly good choice for your thirsty kitty.

2. What material is best for cat water fountain?

Stainless steel reigns supreme for cat water fountains, offering unbeatable durability and hygiene, followed by stylish and easy-to-clean ceramic. Both ensure fresh, clean sips for your kitty.

3. Are ceramic cat fountains better than plastic?

Yes, ceramic cat fountains outshine plastic ones! They’re not only more stylish but also easier to clean and better at keeping bacteria at bay. This means a safer, fresher drinking experience for your kitty.

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