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Applehead vs Wedgehead Siamese Cats: Exploring the Differences

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Unraveling the Charm of Applehead vs Wedgehead Siamese Cats

The Siamese cat breed, renowned for its captivating history and striking appearance, continues to enchant cat enthusiasts worldwide. Initially recognized only in the classic seal point, the breed has undergone dramatic evolution.

This has resulted in a diverse palette of color variations and significant changes in physical traits, expanding beyond the original to include four recognized variations. In this post, we focus on two of these well-loved variations: the traditional Applehead and the sleek Wedgehead Siamese.

The main visual distinction between these two Siamese varieties lies in their uniquely shaped heads. The Applehead variety, as its name suggests, boasts a large, round head complemented by a robust and muscular body, typically larger than that of the Wedgehead – each type offers its own unique quirks and characteristics.

Image closeup of an Applehead Siamese Cat
Applehead Siamese

Image closeup of a wedgehead Siamese Cat
Wedgehead Siamese

What Makes a Siamese a Siamese? Common Traits

Siamese cats, whether Applehead or Wedgehead, share several distinctive traits that define their essence. Here’s a quick rundown of their common characteristics:


  • Striking Intelligence: Siamese cats are more than just pets; they’re interactive and responsive companions, often engaging with their human families in meaningful ways.
  • Vocal Nature: Known for their communicative demeanor, they can fill a home with lively chatter, making you feel like you’re conversing with a furry friend.
  • Exercise Needs: Both varieties thrive with moderate physical activity. They typically need about 45-60 minutes of exercise daily to stay healthy and engaged.
  • Low Grooming Needs: Despite their luxurious coats, Siamese cats are surprisingly low-maintenance. Brushing once or twice a week is usually sufficient to keep their fur in good condition.
  • Social and Affectionate: These traits make Siamese cats ideal companions for families or active individuals who can provide the interaction and attention they crave.

Applehead vs Wedgehead Siamese Distinctive Differences

While Applehead and Wedgehead Siamese share common lineage, their distinctions in physical features, behaviors, and health profiles create two markedly different feline experiences.

Below, we delve into these differences to help potential cat owners make an informed choice based on their lifestyle and preferences.

Visual Showing the Applehead vs Wedgehead Siamese Cats differences

Physical Traits

Applehead Siamese are characterized by their large, round heads and robust, muscular bodies, typically ranging from 14-20 inches in length and weighing a few pounds more than Wedgehead Siamese. Their eyes are slightly rounder, and they have shorter tails, which contributes to their traditional appearance.

In contrast, Wedgehead Siamese exhibit a more extreme, modern look with a wedge-shaped head, lean and light bodies, wide-set ears, and long, thin tails. Their eyes are more slanted, enhancing their mystical and angular appearance. This structure not only makes them appear larger but also accentuates their elegant agility.


Applehead Siamese are known for their quieter, more reserved demeanor. They enjoy lounging and are less playful than Wedgeheads, often preferring to spend most of their day relaxing on a sofa or a lap, making them ideal for less active households.

On the other hand, Wedgehead Siamese are the epitome of feline energy and curiosity. They are significantly more vocal and active, often seeking attention and interaction. Their dynamic nature makes them well-suited for families or individuals who enjoy engaging with their pets frequently.

Health and Longevity

Health concerns differ notably between the two types. Applehead Siamese tend to have a longer lifespan, typically 15-20 years. They are generally healthier but can suffer from specific issues such as glaucoma and progressive retinal atrophy.

Wedgehead Siamese encounter more diverse health challenges, primarily stemming from their unique physical characteristics. Typically, their lifespans vary between 6 and 15 years, with some unfortunately as short as 8 years.

Their narrow jaws often result in dental issues, necessitating frequent dental care. Additionally, their slender frames make them more susceptible to kidney and heart diseases, while their distinctive head shape may exacerbate respiratory problems.

Lifestyle Fit: Which Siamese is Right for You?

Choosing between an Applehead and a Wedgehead Siamese cat is more than a preference for aesthetics; it’s about finding the right feline fit for your lifestyle. Both types of Siamese bring their own unique energy and requirements to the home.

Visual Comparison of Applehead vs. Wedgehead Siamese Cats Based on Vocalization

Applehead Siamese

Are ideal for those who prefer a more tranquil household. Their serene demeanor and lower energy levels make them perfect companions for quieter environments. They’re content to spend hours lounging beside you, making them suitable for older individuals or families seeking a calm and affectionate pet.

Wedgehead Siamese

On the other hand, thrive in dynamic settings. Their high energy and playful nature suit active individuals or families with children. These cats love to climb, explore, and interact, requiring more engagement and stimulation. If you enjoy being as vocal as your pet, a Wedgehead’s talkative personality will never leave a dull moment.

Decision-Making Checklist

  • Environment: Quiet and calm, or active and engaging?
  • Time: Do you have the ability to engage with a high-energy pet?
  • Space: Is there enough room for a cat to explore and play?
  • Health Care Commitment: Are you prepared for potential intensive health care needs, especially for a Wedgehead?
  • Interaction Level: Do you prefer a cat that is more independent or one that seeks constant interaction?

Final Thoughts on Applehead vs Wedgehead Siamese

Siamese cats, be they Applehead or Wedgehead, bring a unique blend of beauty, brains, and personality to any home. It’s worth noting that the Applehead Siamese, as the original breed first imported to the US, not only carries a rich historical legacy but also boasts a healthier profile with a longer lifespan. For cat lovers who prioritize health over looks, Appleheads make an excellent choice.

However, should you find yourself drawn to the sleek allure of a Wedgehead Siamese, be prepared to provide the extra care they require due to their more delicate health.

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