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Rolling Out the 3 Best Cat Wheels in Canada: Top Picks for Your Purrfect Pal

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Exploring the Best Cat Wheels in Canada for Active Felines

Cats may seem like low-maintenance pets, but just like us, they need regular exercise to stay healthy and happy. For cat owners in Canada, finding ways to keep indoor cats active can be a bit of a challenge, especially during those long, chilly winters.

Luckily, Canadian cat lovers have some of the best options available when it comes to choosing exercise equipment for their furry friends. Unlike in many other countries, some of the finest cat wheels are readily available here and can be delivered right from within Canada—so, shipping hurdles are practically a non-issue!

Top Picks: Best Cat Wheels in Canada

All of the cat wheels featured in this section have a diameter of at least 40 inches, making them suitable for most adult cats of all breeds. This size ensures ample room for your cat to run without risking their spine health, which is essential for their long-term mobility and overall well-being.

3. Vevor Cat Wheel


At just 252 CAD, the Vevor Cat Wheel is priced to deliver value. It’s an ideal option for cat owners looking to provide their pets with plenty of exercise space without denting their wallets. We particularly recommend the larger models, which feature an internal diameter of 46.85 inches (1190 mm). This generous size allows your cat to stretch fully and sprint comfortably, promoting healthy exercise.

However, there are a couple of considerations to keep in mind. Firstly, the assembly can be somewhat challenging and may require extra time and patience. Additionally, despite having noise reduction vents and silent rollers, this wheel isn’t the quietest on the market. Though it can be locked for periods of quiet, those in smaller spaces or with noise concerns might find its operational sound noticeable.

2. HomeGroove Cat Wheel

Image of Homegroove XL Cat Wheel listed as best cat wheel in Canada

Like the Vevor, Homegroove comes in various sizes, but it’s the larger model that really catches our attention. Priced similarly to the Vevor at 250 CAD, this wheel is accessible for those who don’t want to overspend on their cat’s fitness gear.

Constructed from wood, the Homegroove Cat Wheel blends durability with a sleek design, fitting well into most home decors. The XL size is available in Canada and supports a maximum weight of 110 pounds, with an internal diameter of 43.3 inches (110 cm). While slightly smaller than the Vevor’s larger model, it still provides ample space for most cats to exercise comfortably.

Despite being marketed as easy to assemble, setting up the Homegroove Cat Wheel does require some DIY skills, so be prepared to put in a little effort. Additionally, like many cat wheels on the market, it isn’t particularly quiet.

1. Ferris Cat Wheel


Ferris Cat Wheels are regarded as the top choice for cat exercise wheels in Canada and possibly internationally. Their lineup includes the G5 Cat Wheel with a 48-inch diameter and the Grand Ferris, which impresses with a 60-inch diameter.

Both models exceed the size of competitors like Vevor and Homegroove, catering to larger breeds or multiple pets. Starting at 599 CAD, these wheels are more expensive but offer unmatched quality and ease of use. Assembly is straightforward, removing any setup hassle. Thanks to their robust construction, they can also accommodate small dogs, making them versatile for multi-pet households.

Additionally, Ferris provides free delivery in Canada and ensures that the wheels run smoothly and quietly, adding to their appeal despite the higher price point.

Which Cat Wheel is Right for You?

When choosing a cat wheel, consider what best suits your space, budget, and your cat’s needs. Each wheel offers unique features designed for different types of households and preferences. Here’s a guide to help you determine which cat wheel is the perfect match for your cat:

Canadian Cat Wheel Quick Comparison

Cat WheelSuitable For
Vevor Cat WheelCat owners who have a bit more room and seek affordability
Homegroove Cat WheelThose with smaller living spaces
Ferris Cat Wheels (G5 and Grand Ferris)Owners seeking high quality and willing to invest more

Vevor Cat Wheel: For the Space-Conscious Buyer

  • Suitable for: Cat owners who have a bit more room and are looking for a cost-effective solution.
  • Why Choose It: The Vevor wheel features an internal diameter of 46.85 inches, making it ideal for larger or more active cats.

Homegroove Cat Wheel: For the Compact Living Space

  • Suitable for: Those with smaller living spaces who need a compact yet effective exercise solution.
  • Why Choose It: With an internal diameter of 43.3 inches and less bulkiness than the Vevor, the Homegroove wheel fits more comfortably in tight spaces.

Ferris Cat Wheels: For the Premium Seeker

  • Suitable for: Owners who want the highest quality and are willing to invest more for premium features.
  • Why Choose It: Ferris wheels come in sizes up to 60 inches in diameter, accommodating the largest of cats or even small dogs. They are significantly more expensive, starting at 599 CAD, but they are easy to assemble, operate quietly and smoothly.

Final Thoughts: Selecting the Best Cat Wheel for Canadian Cats

Selecting the Best Cat Wheels in Canada means finding a perfect match that supports your cat’s health and fits your living space and budget. Whether you’re drawn to the cost-effective Vevor, the space-saving Homegroove, or the top-tier Ferris models, each choice promises to keep your feline lively and entertained.

As you decide, consider the benefits of each model in fostering a stimulating environment for your cat. With the right wheel, your cat can enjoy a happier, more active life indoors.

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