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Ferris Cat Wheel Review: Is This the Dream Exercise Wheel for Cats?

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Introduction: Exploring the Ferris Cat Wheel – Top Choice for Feline Fitness?

Cat lovers, gear up for a whirl into the Ferris Cat Wheel, also marketed as Ziggy Doo in some regions and Cazami Cat Wheel in the UK. This wheel is a coveted item in cat exercise circles, often sold out due to its popularity.

Why all the buzz?

The Ferris Cat Wheel stands out as a luxury exercise option, especially for homes graced with multiple cats. It’s like the high-end, sought-after gadget in the world of cat exercise. In the Ferris cat wheel review, we’ll dive into what makes this wheel a paw-some choice for your whiskered companions.

Ferris Cat Wheel Review at a Glance

Ferris Cat Wheel Review at a Glance
Size and Space:
★★★★☆ Good
Ample space for multiple cats, yet compact enough for indoor use.
Stability and Safety:
★★★★☆ Good
Highly stable with safety features for cat tails and paws.
Material and Durability:
★★★★☆ Good
Made with durable ABS plastic, built to last.
Noise Level:
★★★★★ Excellent
Remarkably quiet, suitable for night use without disturbance.
Ease of Assembly and Maintenance:
★★★★☆ Good
Simple to assemble and maintain, user-friendly design.
Appearance & Cat Attractiveness:
★★★★★ Excellent
Sleek, modern design that appeals to both cats and owners.
Price and Value For Money:
★★★☆☆ Moderate
Higher priced, but the quality and durability justify the investment.

In-Depth Review: G5 Ferris Cat Wheel’s Features and Fitness Benefits

1. Size of the G5 Ferris Cat Wheel

image-of-a-cat-with-a-speech-bubble-saying-Good-for-the rating of size and space of ferris cat wheel

With a stature of 56 inches in height and a generous 51 inches in diameter, this wheel isn’t just big; it’s cat-accommodating. The inner diameter is a spacious 48 inches, perfect for everything from petite kitties to the more robust Bengals.

The Ferris Cat Wheel’s 12.4-inch wide running track is a feline field of dreams, offering more than enough room for two cats to sprint side by side or enjoy a leisurely stroll together. Picture it as a mini, indoor cat racetrack where your whiskered athletes can show off their speed and agility in tandem. Despite its impressive size, this wheel blends seamlessly into your living space, harmoniously marrying feline functionality with a touch of human aesthetic.

2. Safety and Stability of the G5 Ferris Cat Wheel

image-of-a-cat-with-a-speech-bubble-saying-Good-the rating criteria of stability and safety for the ferris cat wheel review

When it comes to cat exercise wheels, the Ferris Cat Wheel is like the steady ship in a sea of wobbly boats. The first thing to purr-aise is its stability. The wheel, spanning a whole 12 inches in width, isn’t just spacious; it’s as steady as a cat on a sunny windowsill. This stability isn’t accidental; it’s engineered, with grooves holding the running wheels in place to prevent any cat-astrophic toppling over. Even after a year of energetic use, it stands its ground like a feline fortress, making it a reliable piece in your cat’s fitness regime.

Safety is another feather in this wheel’s cap. The Ferris Cat Wheel takes the worry out of the workout, ensuring that your kitty’s paws and tails stay clear of any pinch points. It’s the equivalent of having a built-in safety officer, constantly on the lookout for potential mishaps. This means you can rest easy while your furry friends enjoy their energetic escapades, knowing they’re in safe paws.

3. Materials and Durability of the G5 Ferris Cat Wheel

image-of-a-cat-with-a-speech-bubble-saying-Good-for-material and durability rating in the ferris cat wheel review

The Ferris Cat Wheel, a sturdy champion in the cat exercise arena, is crafted from high-quality ABS plastic. This material is like the superhero of plastics – strong, durable, and ready for your cat’s every leap and bound. The wheel’s resilience is boosted by a robust bolt assembly, ensuring it stands firm against the most spirited feline antics.

Adding to its sturdiness are the 5mm thick EVA foam tiles on the running track. These provide a soft yet durable surface for safe, comfortable runs. Easy to clean and maintain, they’re practical for both cat comfort and long-term durability.

Though we can’t predict the future, the solid build and choice of materials give us confidence in the Ferris Cat Wheel’s longevity. It’s built to last, promising endless fun and fitness for your feline friends.

4. Noise Level of the G5 Ferris Cat Wheel

a cat saying excellent for the rating of the noise level in the ferris cat wheel review

Whisper-quiet and ready to roll – that’s the Ferris Cat Wheel for you. One of the standout features of this feline fitness marvel is its sound, or rather, the lack thereof.

In contrast to other cat wheels that might require a nightly disassembly to ensure peace and quiet, the Ferris Cat Wheel spins smoothly and quietly, day and night. It’s like having a stealthy ninja cat treadmill; it’s there, it’s functional, but you hardly know it’s in use. This is especially important for those nocturnal bursts of feline energy – your cats can sprint to their heart’s content without disturbing a single dream.

The secret to its silence lies in the high-quality wheel bearings. If you’ve ever been kept up by a squeaky wheel, you’ll appreciate the blissful hush of the Ferris Cat Wheel. It’s like the difference between a rickety old bike and a high-end road racer – smooth, efficient, and oh so quiet.

5. Ease of Assembly for the G5 Ferris Cat Wheel

image-of-a-cat-with-a-speech-bubble-saying-Good-for-this-rating-criteria of assembly and maintenance in the ferris cat wheel review

Assembling the Ferris Cat Wheel is less like a puzzle and more like a smooth, step-by-step adventure. With its intuitive design featuring bolts and wingnuts, putting this wheel together is as straightforward as fixing a sandwich. You won’t find yourself scratching your head or scouring for missing pieces. It’s designed to click into place with the ease of a cat slipping into a cardboard box (in 6 steps).

What about keeping this feline fitness wheel in tip-top shape? The robust ABS plastic isn’t just strong; it’s also a breeze to clean. A simple wipe down with soapy water is all it takes to keep it looking fresh and inviting. It’s like having a low-maintenance pet accessory that’s always ready for action, without the extra fuss.

6. Design Appeal of the G5 Ferris Cat Wheel

A cat giving a score of excellent to the criteria of appearance and Attractiveness in the ferris cat wheel review

The Ferris Cat Wheel strikes a fine balance between aesthetic appeal and functionality. With its sleek design and variety of color options, it’s more than just an exercise tool for your cat; it’s a stylish addition to your home. It fits right into your living space, complementing your interior decor while providing a fun exercise option for your cat.

Cats are naturally drawn to its spacious running track and smooth motion. The wheel’s design is inviting, encouraging cats to engage in both playful and fitness activities. It’s effective at attracting cats of all temperaments, from the shy and hesitant to the bold and active.

The Ferris Cat Wheel is both attractive and functional, appealing to cats and fitting seamlessly into home environments. It’s not just a piece of pet equipment; it’s an integral part of your and your cat’s daily life.

ferris cat wheel image pink

7. Price and Value for Money of the G5 Ferris Cat Wheel

image-of-a-cat-with-a-speech-bubble-saying-Moderate-for-the rating criteria of price and value for money in the ferris cat wheel review

When it comes to the Ferris Cat Wheel, the price tag of approximately $440 might seem like an investment in a premium gadget, but the value you receive is worth every whisker-twitch. Think of it as a long-term investment in your cat’s health and happiness

Yes, the Ferris Cat Wheel sits on the higher end of the cat exercise wheel market. But what you’re paying for isn’t just a run-of-the-mill cat toy; it’s a durable, stylish, and engaging fitness tool for your feline friend. It’s like choosing a top-tier smartphone over a basic model—you’re investing in quality, longevity, and an enhanced user (or in this case, cat) experience.

Considering its sturdy build, sleek design, safety features, and the sheer joy it brings to your cats, the Ferris Cat Wheel holds its own in terms of value for money. It’s not just about the initial purchase; it’s about the years of healthy, active, and contented cats that follow.

Pros and Cons of the G5 Ferris Cat Wheel

✔️ High-Quality Materials:
Made with durable ABS plastic, ensuring longevity & resilience.
Price: Priced on the higher
end, making it a significant
✔️ Stability and Safety:
Features grooves for running
wheels and a wider track,
enhancing safety.
Availability: Often sold out due to high demand, which can make it challenging to
✔️ Quiet Operation: Superior wheel bearings provide a quiet experience.
✔️ Spacious: 12-inch wide track allows room for multiple cats
✔️ Assembly & Maintenance: Simple to assemble with bolts
and wingnuts.
✔️ Attractive Design: Sleek,
modern aesthetic that blends
well with home decor.

The Grand Ferris Wheel: More Space, More Fun


The Grand Ferris Cat Wheel—the new big sibling in the Ferris family, tailored for those stretchy, long-bodied felines who need a bit more space to strut their stuff. Priced at $580 USD, this upgrade from the well-known G5 model, which costs $440 USD, offers more room and enhanced features designed for the ultimate feline workout.

The Grand Ferris boasts a wider running track and an impressive 60-inch internal diameter, ensuring even the longest cats have plenty of room to romp. The wheelbase has been redesigned with eight skate wheels, providing smoother support and a lower profile for easier access—making it safer and more enjoyable for your cat. Additionally, the Grand Ferris ensures easy assembly, mirroring the user-friendly mechanics of the G5 Ferris Cat Wheel.

Personal Verdict on the Ferris Cat Wheel

As avid cat lovers based in Europe, securing the Ferris Cat Wheel was a journey in itself. Unable to purchase directly from the original manufacturer, we ventured through the maze of European distributors, navigating options in the Netherlands, UK, France, and Germany.

Despite our determination, it wasn’t a walk in the park—acquiring this wheel felt more like a quest, marked by a significant wait time and the added punch of shipping costs atop an already substantial price tag.

But let’s paws and reflect: Was it worth it?


The Ferris Cat Wheel has rolled into our lives and has unequivocally become the best wheel we’ve ever introduced to our feline family. It’s not just another cat accessory; it’s a game-changer in the world of feline fitness.

Yes, the journey to get it was filled with anticipation and extra expense, but the result has been nothing short of purr-fect. The wheel’s smooth operation and cat-appealing design have made it an instant hit with all our cats.

Where Can You Buy the Ferris Cat Exercise Wheel?

If you’re in the US or Canada and looking to get your paws on the Ferris Cat Wheel, Ziggy Doo is your go-to spot. They offer the wheel with the perk of free delivery in these countries, making it a hassle-free and cost-effective option for North American cat enthusiasts.

For those outside of the US and Canada, the quest for a Ferris Cat Wheel might take you to a local distributor. Europe, for instance, has several distributors sprinkled across countries like the Netherlands, UK, France, and Germany. Finding a distributor in your area can save you on shipping costs and simplify the purchasing process.

But what if there’s no local distributor near you?

You can still order directly from the official Ferris Cat Wheel website. However, it’s important to consider the extra shipping costs based on your location. For example, being in Zone 6, we faced an additional shipping fee of $230. While this can add to the overall investment, remember that you’re not just buying a wheel; you’re investing in a premium exercise solution for your furry friends.

Alternatives to the Ferris Cat Wheel

If the Ferris Cat Wheel stretches beyond your grasp or budget, don’t fret – there are other great options to keep your feline fit and entertained.

While the Ferris wheel may take the prize in certain aspects, these alternative cat wheels offer a blend of quality and affordability that won’t leave your wallet purring in distress. Let’s explore some comparable options that are kinder to your budget yet still big on fun and fitness for your kitty. 🐾💰

Homegroove Cat Exercise Wheel

Alternative to Ferris cat wheel: Homegroove cat exercise wheel

Homegroove cat wheel is a budget-friendly yet effective alternative to the Ferris Cat Wheel. Offering three sizes to cater to all cat breeds, it combines affordability with a sturdy, solid wood construction. While it may not be as quiet as the Ferris Wheel and assembly can vary in difficulty, its attractive design and safety features make it a compelling choice for cat owners.

One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel

Alternative to ferris cat wheel: One Fast cat wheel

One Fast Cat Exercise wheel is a budget-friendly and innovative option in the cat exercise wheel arena. While it might not match the Ferris Cat Wheel in every aspect, its appealing design, suitability for various cat sizes, and ease of assembly make it a strong contender.

Interested in seeing how the Ferris Cat Wheel compares to the One Fast Cat Wheel? Check out our detailed comparison in Ferris Cat Wheel vs. One Fast Cat Wheel.

Ferris Cat Wheel: The Verdict

Concluding our Ferris Cat Wheel review, it’s evident that this wheel is a standout in the world of cat exercise wheels. It’s a premium blend of quality, style, and feline charm. The Ferris Cat Wheel distinguishes itself as an excellent choice for those who value their cat’s health and happiness above all.

Yes, the journey to get one might have its ups and downs, especially considering the investment and shipping considerations. But the joy and engagement it brings to your cat’s daily routine are undeniable. Watching your cat fully immersed in their exercise routine on this wheel is a testament to its worth.

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