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7 Ways on How to Exercise a Bengal Cat

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How to Exercise a Bengal Cat: Keeping Up with Your Feline

Owning a Bengal cat can feel like having a part-time job—many owners joke about their Bengals’ boundless energy and constant need for entertainment. If you’ve ever scrolled through Reddit, you’ll see countless funny anecdotes from Bengal cat owners about the wild antics of these high-energy felines.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this post, we’ll explore 7 effective ways on how to exercise a Bengal cat to keep them happy and healthy.

Comments from Reddit show Bengal owners saying that Bengals are like a part-time job due to their high energy levels.

Bengal cats are typically most active around morning and evening—dawn and dusk. These are the prime times to plan your longest and most intense play sessions. Scheduling these activities can help manage their energy levels and keep them from causing chaos around the house.

Best Exercises for Bengal Cats

Before we dive into our list, it’s worth noting that the first three exercises are, in our opinion, the best ways to exercise your Bengal cat. These activities will help you keep up with their boundless energy and ensure they stay happy and healthy.

1. Playmate

Two Bengal cats playing together energetically in a cozy indoor setting listed as one of the ways on how to exercise a Bengal Cat

One of the best ways to keep your Bengal cat entertained and well-exercised is by introducing a playmate with similar energy levels. Ideally, another Bengal or a pet with the same zest for play would be perfect. Siblings are especially great because they naturally bond and engage in high-energy play sessions.

This companionship allows them to wear each other out, ensuring they’re both well-exercised. After burning off their energy, there’s a higher chance they will come to you for some much-needed cuddles, even though they aren’t the most cuddly cats. Plus, having a playmate means you won’t always be the sole source of their entertainment, which can be a relief for busy pet owners.

Intensity Level: High – These play sessions can be quite vigorous.

2. Leash Training

A Bengal cat walking on a leash with its owner in a beautiful outdoor setting listed as one of the ways to exercise a Bengal Cat

Training your Bengal to walk on a leash can be a fantastic way to provide them with safe outdoor adventures. Bengals are naturally curious and love exploring, so a leash allows them to experience the outside world while keeping them secure. This activity provides both physical exercise and mental stimulation as they encounter new sights, sounds, and smells.

Walking on a leash can help your Bengal expend energy in a controlled manner, making them less likely to engage in destructive behaviors at home.

Intensity Level: Medium – Walking on a leash provides moderate exercise.

3. Cat Exercise Wheel

A cat exercise wheel is an excellent tool for indoor exercise, especially for high-energy breeds like Bengals. These wheels allow your cat to run and burn off energy without needing a large outdoor space. It provides excellent cardiovascular exercise and can significantly reduce the chances of obesity.

The wheel is particularly useful for Bengals who tend to get the zoomies – those sudden bursts of energy that send them racing around the house. With a cat exercise wheel, they can channel that energy into something healthy and productive.

Intensity Level: High – Running on the wheel is a high-energy activity.

4. Climbing Structures

A Bengal cat climbing on a large, multi-level cat tree in a cozy indoor setting. The cat tree has various levels, perches, and hideouts listed as one of the way on how to exercise a Bengal cat

Bengal cats love to climb up high. A large cat tree is a multi-level structure that offers plenty of opportunities for climbing, jumping, and exploring, all of which are excellent for muscle development and mental engagement.

A well-designed cat tree mimics a Bengal’s natural and hideouts to discover. These structures cater to their natural instincts, giving them the vertical territory they crave. Additionally, there are wall-mounted perches and climbing toys that can complement the cat tree, creating an adventurous playground for your Bengal.

Intensity Level: Medium – Climbing and jumping offer good physical activity.

5. Interactive Toys Controlled by Smartphone

Interactive toys like the Petcube Play are perfect for tech-savvy Bengal cat owners. These gadgets can be operated remotely via a smartphone, allowing you to engage your cat in play even when you’re not home.

This is especially useful for maintaining a play-then-feed routine, as you can schedule play sessions followed by an automatic feeder dispensing their meal. These toys can mimic the erratic movements of prey, keeping your Bengal mentally and physically stimulated. Plus, they provide a convenient way to ensure your cat gets regular exercise, regardless of your busy schedule.

Intensity Level: Medium – These toys can provide varied levels of activity depending on how they are used.

Image of pet cube 2 which is interactive toy controlled by smartphone listed as one of the ways to exercise your Bengal Cat

6. Swimming

A Bengal cat playing in a shallow kiddie pool with floating toys listed as one of the ways to exercise a Bengal Cat

Believe it or not, many Bengals love water! Letting your Bengal play in a tub or kiddie pool once or twice a month can be a fun and unique way to exercise them. Fill the tub or pool with 3 to 4 inches of lukewarm water and toss in some floating toys for added fun.

This provides a gentle form of exercise that engages your Bengal’s natural curiosity and playful nature. Swimming can be especially beneficial for older cats or those with joint issues, offering low-impact exercise that’s still engaging. Just ensure the water is shallow enough to keep them safe and never leave them unattended.

Intensity Level: Low to Medium – Swimming is generally gentle exercise but can be engaging.

7. Fetch and Retrieve Games

A Bengal cat playing fetch and retrieve with its owner in a cozy indoor setting listed as one of the ways on how to exercise a Bengal cat

When teaching your Bengal to fetch and retrieve, use appropriate toys that are easy for your cat to carry and exciting enough to chase. This interactive game taps into their natural hunting instincts, keeping them engaged and active.

Fetch games can be quite energetic, depending on the duration and enthusiasm you and your cat bring to the session. It’s a great way to bond with your Bengal while ensuring they get a good workout. Plus, it’s incredibly satisfying to see your cat mastering new tricks and enjoying the playtime.

Intensity Level: High – Fetch games can be quite energetic, depending on the duration and enthusiasm.

How to Exercise a Bengal Cat for Fitness and Happiness

Bengal cats thrive on physical and mental stimulation. By incorporating these seven activities into your routine, you’ll ensure your Bengal stays fit, happy, and well-exercised. Some of these exercises can be enjoyed solo by your cat, while others require your active participation.

It’s up to you to decide how much time to invest, but make sure to dedicate at least a few minutes a day to interactive play with your Bengal. Try out these methods and watch your cat’s health and happiness soar!

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