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What Do Cats Like? 19 Delights Every Cat Craves

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Cat’s Playbook: Decoding What Do Cats Like

Have you ever observed your cat lounging in a sunbeam or perched on a high vantage point, observing their surroundings? These intriguing behaviors spark our curiosity about what truly brings them joy.

Understanding their preferences not only strengthens our bond and helps you get the cat to like you but also empowers us to tailor a more cat-friendly environment at home. Let’s dive into what do cats like to uncover the mysteries behind their behavior and enhance our cohabitation with these fascinating creatures.

1. Sunny Spots for Lounging


There’s a reason your cat seeks out those warm, sunny spots around the house—they’re solar-powered!

Well, not exactly, but cats do have a natural affinity for warmth. It’s in their genes, as their ancestors originated from hot, desert regions.

It’s a cozy comfort zone for them, reminiscent of their ancestral habitats. Ensure your home has accessible sunny perches, perhaps a window sill or a special spot by the patio door, to give them that slice of sunshine they crave for their many catnaps.

2. Elevated Perches

Image of a cat showing its love for high places within a home. The image features a cat perched atop a tall cat tree

Ever wonder why your cat loves to retreat to the highest point they can reach?

It’s not just to escape the dog or keep an eye on their humans; heights provide a sense of security and a superior vantage point to observe their surroundings.

To cater to this natural instinct, consider incorporating cat trees or wall shelves into your home layout.

3. Scratching Opportunities

Image of a caught in the act of scratching a piece of furniture, but right next to it, there's a scratching post

Scratching is a necessity for your cat. It keeps their claws sharp which allows them to stretch their bodies, and helps them mark their territory.

More importantly, it’s a stress reliever. Offering a variety of scratching posts, mats, or pads—each with different textures and materials—can satisfy this primal urge. Remember, a happy cat is one with ample scratching opportunities, sparing your furniture in the process.

4. Interactive Toys

Image of a cat is in mid-leap, energetically chasing after a laser dot on the wall.

The laser pointer you use to entertain your cat is a simulation of their primal hunting instinct. Toys that mimic the movement of prey, like feather wands or motorized mice, awaken this instinct, providing much-needed mental and physical stimulation.

Engaging in interactive play not only keeps your cat fit but deepens the bond you share. So, stock up on those interactive toys; your cat’s inner hunter will thank you.

5. Catnip and Silver Vine

Image capturing the whimsical interaction between a cat and its catnip and silver vine toys

The magic of catnip and its equally potent cousin, silver vine. These plants contain compounds that, for many cats, lead to bouts of euphoria, intense playfulness, and even blissful relaxation.

Not all cats are affected, but for those who are, incorporating these herbs into toys or scratchers can turn an ordinary playtime into an extraordinary adventure. Just remember, moderation is key—too much of a good thing can turn the magic to meh.

6. Diverse Food Preferences

Image of a kitchen scene where a variety of cat foods are displayed, showcasing diverse food preferences.

Whether they’re fans of fish, chicken, or beef, offering a variety of flavors and textures can keep mealtime exciting. However, it’s essential to ensure these preferences align with a nutritionally balanced diet.

Just like humans, cats have their own culinary preferences, and discovering what tickles your feline’s taste buds can be a journey of its own.

8. Cardboard Boxes and Hiding Spots

A lighthearted and engaging scene in a living room filled with various cardboard boxes and creative hiding spots designed for a cat's enjoyment

There’s something about cardboard boxes that turns even the most dignified feline into a curious kitten. Boxes offer a sense of security, a place to hide, and an impromptu fort for those sneak attacks on unsuspecting humans.

Beyond boxes, creating various hiding spots around your home with tunnels, bags, or even open drawers can satisfy their natural instinct to seek refuge and observe their world from the safety of a concealed spot.

9. Naps in Quiet Corners

An image of  a cat sleeping in a quiet corner, showing what do cats like to do

The art of napping is one cats have perfected over millennia. Providing a quiet, cozy corner for your cat to retreat to can significantly enhance their sense of well-being.

Whether it’s a soft bed in a secluded nook or a cushioned window perch away from the hustle and bustle, ensuring they have a peaceful place to rest is crucial for their relaxation and stress reduction.

10. Toilet Paper Rolls

Image of a cat is interacting with a toilet paper roll in a creative and fun manner.

Never underestimate the entertainment value of a simple toilet paper roll. These makeshift toys can be transformed into puzzles, treat dispensers, or just a fun object to bat around.

To up the ante, try hiding treats inside or threading a string through them for an interactive play session. Just be sure to remove any adhesive residue to keep playtime safe and enjoyable.

11. Your Presence and Play

Image showing a moment of play between a cat and its human.

The bond between a cat and its human is woven from countless moments of shared joy and companionship. Interactive playtime is not just fun—it’s a cornerstone of this relationship, strengthening the trust and affection between you.

Whether it’s a daily ritual with a favorite toy or spontaneous moments of play, these interactions are cherished by your cat and vital for their emotional health. Remember, your undivided attention is the most valuable gift you can offer.

12. Fresh, Running Water

Image-of-a-cat-interacting-with-a-running-garden-fountain showing cats likeness to running water

Many felines are drawn to running water, and it’s not just whimsy. This preference has roots in their instincts—running water in the wild is typically fresher and safer to drink.

Encouraging this natural inclination can help keep them hydrated. Consider a cat water fountain, which not only provides a constant stream of fresh water but also adds an element of intrigue to their daily water intake.

13. Having Their Own Space

Image showcasing a cat enjoying its personal space within a home.

Independence is a trait cherished in the feline world. Recognizing and respecting your cat’s need for solitude is crucial for their well-being.

Creating a personal space for them, allows them to retreat and recharge in solitude. This personal sanctuary is their haven, a testament to their need for both independence and security within your home.

14. Crinkly Plastic Bags

image showing a cat playing with a plastic bag and hiding in it

The allure of a crinkly plastic bag can be irresistible to a curious cat. The sound and texture mimic the rustling of leaves or the scurrying of prey, sparking their hunting instincts.

However, playtime with plastic bags should be avoided to prevent accidental suffocation or ingestion of plastic pieces. Alternatively, offer toys that recreate similar sounds and sensations, ensuring safe and stimulating play.

15. Soft Beds and Warm Blankets

Image of a cat curled up in a plush bed, covered with a soft, warm blanket in a cozy corner of a room.

There’s little a cat appreciates more after a long day of play than a soft bed and a warm blanket. These cozy retreats are their sanctuaries, where your cat can feel utterly secure and deeply loved.

Investing in a plush bed and some soft blankets shows your cat you care about their comfort, providing them with a safe haven to relax and recharge.

16. Puzzle and Feeder Toys

Image of a cat is interacting with various puzzle and feeder toys in a bright and lively room.

A cat’s mind is as agile as its body. Puzzle and feeder toys do more than just dispense treats; they stimulate your cat’s intellect, requiring them to solve problems and engage in natural hunting behaviors.

These toys keep their minds sharp and their bodies active, warding off boredom and fostering a satisfying sense of achievement. Plus, they’re a blast to watch in action.

17. Safe Outdoor Exploration

a cat safely exploring the outdoors. The cat is in a securely enclosed catio but it shows something that cats like to do

The great outdoors offers a world of adventure for a cat, but it comes with its share of risks. Safe outdoor exploration, whether through a securely enclosed catio, a leash, or supervised playtime in a safe area, can enrich your cat’s life immensely.

It allows them to indulge their curiosity and natural instincts in a controlled environment, blending the best of both worlds.

19. Watching Wildlife (mostly Birds)

An image of a cat is intently watching birds from the safety of indoors. The cat is perched comfortably near a window showing the likeness to it

Set up a bird feeder near a window where your cat can observe the outdoors safely. This simple pleasure taps into their predatory instincts without any risk, providing endless entertainment and mental stimulation.

It’s like nature’s TV, offering live shows that captivate your cat’s attention and satisfy their innate need to watch and “hunt.”

The End of the Tail: What Do Cats Like and Why It Matters

Cats enrich our lives in countless ways, offering companionship, laughter, and love. Understanding and catering to their needs deepens the bond we share with them.

We encourage you to observe and engage with your feline friend, exploring the suggestions provided to discover what truly brings joy to their heart and a sparkle to their eyes. May we always strive to make their world as fascinating and comforting as they make ours.

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