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Best Cat Wheel for Maine Coon: Top Models for Your Gentle Giant

Introducing the Best Cat Wheel for Maine Coon: Fit for a Gentle Giant

The regal Maine Coon, celebrated as the gentle giant among domestic felines, is not only known for its plush fur and tufted ears but also for its impressive stature

Stretching up to 40 inches in length, these cats often stir up a playful debate: are they bigger than Savannahs?

While Savannahs might compete in height, Maine Coons take the prize for length, making them unique in their needs, especially when it comes to exercise.

That’s where a high-tech cat wheel spins into action. Not just any cat wheel fits the bill; it needs to be built to accommodate the size and weight of these large cats, ensuring they can stretch, sprint, and saunter in comfort and safety. So, let’s dive into why your Maine Coon deserves the best wheel in the house!

Why Maine Coons Need a Specialized Cat Wheel?

Maine Coon Key Stats about weight, height and length visual

The Maine Coon isn’t just a large cat; it’s a whole lot of cat! With males tipping the scales at up to 25 pounds and females slightly less, the demand for a robust exercise solution is clear. Standard cat wheels simply won’t do.

These feline athletes require wheels with an internal diameter that’s at least 1.5 times their body length—this is crucial not just for comfort but for the health of their spine and overall well-being.

Moreover, the activity level of Maine Coons, who are known for their playful demeanor and curious nature, means that durability and stability are non-negotiable features. A cat wheel for a Maine Coon should also boast a weight capacity that can handle their heft without wobbling or tipping.

Choosing the Right Size: Cat Wheels That Grow with Your Maine Coon

Planning for Growth: Selecting a Cat Wheel for Your Developing Maine Coon

Maine Coons are known for their impressive size at maturity, but also for their prolonged growth period. Unlike many other cat breeds, Maine Coons continue to grow until they are 4 years old, with the most significant growth spurt occurring during their first year.

For Maine Coon parents, this means thinking long-term when investing in a cat wheel. Considering that your Maine Coon may reach or exceed 40 inches in length, it’s prudent to opt for a cat wheel with an internal diameter of at least 50 inches, or close to it.

This size ensures that as your cat reaches its full length, it will still have ample space to run without risk to its spine or overall safety, keeping in mind that such specialized large cat wheels come with a higher price tag but are worth every penny for the comfort and longevity they provide.

However, the challenge arises in finding cat wheels that meet these specifications, as very few models on the market cater to such grand dimensions. For those unsure of their Maine Coon’s exact size—particularly if they are still under four years and growing—it’s vital to select a wheel that offers the best possible fit from the start.

Here, we’ll guide you through a selection of cat wheels that, while not always meeting the ideal 60-inch criterion, are still suitable and safe for your Maine Coon.

3 Best Cat Wheels for Maine Coon

As we’ve discussed, Maine Coons need ample space to move comfortably and safely, especially given their potential to grow significantly during their first few years. This section highlights the top three cat wheels on the market—each selected for its quality, durability, and large diameter, making them some of the best options available for these majestic felines.

3. Affordable Option: HomeGroove XL Cat Wheel

Image of Homegroove XL Cat Wheel

Our first recommendation for the best cat wheel for Maine Coons is the Homegroove XL. Based on our personal experience with a slightly smaller model that we have reviewed, we can vouch for its sturdiness and high-quality construction.

The Homegroove XL is engineered to support up to 110 pounds, ensuring that weight is never an issue, even for the heftiest Maine Coon. Impressively, this XL model is priced at just $255, making it an excellent value for its size.

Key Features

  • Internal Diameter: The XL model boasts an internal diameter of 43.3 inches. It’s crucial to consider not just the diameter but specifically the internal diameter when choosing a cat wheel. Many listings, especially on platforms like Amazon, may only refer to the external diameter, which can be misleading when ensuring the right fit for your large cat.

However, availability might pose a challenge for some buyers. We found the XL option primarily on Amazon Canada. For U.S. residents, purchasing might still be feasible as some sellers on Amazon CA do ship to the USA.

Unfortunately, for those living outside of these regions, obtaining this model could be more problematic due to shipping restrictions or lack of availability.

This cat wheel is a superb choice for Maine Coons up to 30 inches in length, offering durability and reliability. However, if your Maine Coon exceeds 33 inches in length, the XL model may not be suitable, as it would not provide enough space for safe and comfortable use.

2. Go Pet Cat Wheels: A Versatile Choice for Cats and Small-Medium Dogs

Image of go pet USA cat and dog threadwheel

For those seeking a premium exercise solution for their pets, the Go Pet Cat Wheels stand out with their superior design and functionality. These wheels come with a heftier price tag, starting at over $750 for the smallest model. While the largest treadwheel, priced up to $2,000, is designed to accommodate large dog breeds, it may be overwhelming for a Maine Coon.

Opting for their small to medium-sized treadwheel, which does not exceed the $1,000 mark, provides ample space for most Maine Coons without being excessively large, ensuring a perfect fit for your cat’s needs and your budget.

Key Features

  • Size: The small to medium-sized treadwheel, with a running area of 48 inches, is an ideal choice for most Maine Coons, offering plenty of room for a full stride and active run.
  • Multi-Pet Use: If you’re in a multi-pet household, this wheel’s capacity to accommodate medium-sized dog breeds as well as cats makes it a practical and economic addition to your home.
  • Ease of Use: Unlike many other pet wheels that require complex assembly, these wheels come fully assembled. This means no frustrating hours spent putting parts together — you can set it up for use right away.
  • Construction and Operation: Built in the USA, the Go Pet wheels are known for their sturdy construction and ultra-smooth, almost silent operation. They do not rely on a traditional skate wheel base but use a center shaft with minimal friction, allowing for a free and effortless spin.

1. Ferris Cat Wheel: Elegance Meets Efficiency

Ferris standard cat wheel image compared to the grand ferris cat wheel

Rated as the best cat wheel for Maine coon for several reasons, the Ferris Cat Wheel, distributed by Ziggy Doo in the US and Canada, combines style, functionality, and size diversity to cater to the specific needs of Maine Coons and other large breeds.

Key Features

  • Aesthetic Appeal: The Ferris Cat Wheel features a sleek design that not only looks great but also blends seamlessly into home decor.
  • Smooth Operation: Known for its smooth and quiet rotation, this wheel ensures a pleasant exercise experience for your pet without the noisy distractions.
  • Size Options: The standard model offers a substantial internal diameter of 48 inches, suitable for most Maine Coons, priced at approximately $440. For larger Maine Coons, the Grand Ferris model extends the diameter to 60 inches, providing extra space for a comfortable stride, available at around $580. Considering the quality, these prices represent excellent value.

Global Availability

For those not located in the US or Canada, Ferris Cat Wheels are accessible through a network of international distributors or can be ordered directly from the manufacturer.


One notable challenge is the high demand for these wheels, which often leads to them being sold out quickly. This popularity attests to their quality and effectiveness but requires potential buyers to act swiftly when available.

Finding the Best Cat Wheel for Maine Coons in Europe

Ferris Cat Wheel: Accessibility in Europe

The Ferris Cat Wheel is readily available across Europe with distributors in key countries including France, Germany, the UK, Holland, and Finland. This wide availability makes it relatively easy for European Maine Coon owners to acquire one of the best cat wheels on the market.

Alternative Option: Cody’s Custom Cat Wheels

Image example of one of cody's custom cat wheel

For those seeking a more personalized touch and are willing to invest more, Cody’s Custom Cat Wheels offer a luxurious alternative. Starting at $1,400, these wheels are pricier, but they bring a unique aesthetic and bespoke features to your home.

Each wheel is meticulously crafted from aluminum with a steel base, ensuring both stability and longevity. Additionally, Cody’s wheels are delivered fully assembled, providing convenience and immediate use without the hassle of assembly.

Final Thoughts on Choosing the Right Cat Wheel for Your Maine Coon

Whether you choose the widely accessible Ferris Cat Wheel, renowned for its quality and convenience, or opt for the unique, tailor-made elegance of Cody’s Cat Wheels, each option brings something special to your pet’s daily routine. We’ve highlighted some of the best choices available to help you make an informed decision that fits your lifestyle and your Maine Coon’s needs.

We hope our guide has helped you navigate the array of options and that your Maine Coon finds their new wheel “wheel-y” engaging!

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